Amplab at Concordia

Want an insight into what’s going on in the world of English academia? As part of their program, students completing a Master’s in English Literature at Concordia University must contribute to a blog space called “Amplab.” So far, there’s some really neat writing from some of the emerging minds in English Lit. My friend and colleague Kevin Kvas is among them; in addition to the rest of the site, definitely read his post called “Psychodigital Hypertypewriter,” concerning NEO, a sort of digital typewriter. I didn’t realize until I finished the article that I’ve used NEO before in teacher’s college, and Kevin’s comments pretty much sum up the experience of using it.
Here’s the link to the Amplab:


4 thoughts on “Amplab at Concordia

  1. Thanks for linking, Brandon! I can’t believe you’ve used it! Although not really touched on in my article, I know that it was primarily designed for and marketed to schools, a kind of more distraction-safe computer for the classroom. I didn’t realize it was widespread enough to warrant your having to use it in teacher’s college (I’m guessing it was a technology in the classroom course or something?).

    • Yeah, I took a focus course at Queen’s on using technology in schools, which is where I learned about NEO. Although I haven’t seen them used very much in the OCDSB. My department has a set of Netbooks for students to use instead, so I’m wondering if the NEO is becoming obsolete as a teaching tool.

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