Farewell, Artel (For Now)

Recently my fiancee and I made the big move to Ottawa to start our new lives as teachers — thereby fulfilling one of the three identifiers at the top of my homepage (I’m still not sure about the “Human” part).

Unfortunately, this means that attending the monthly Poetry at the Artel in Kingston is going to be somewhat difficult. So, for now, I would like to say a fond farewell to everyone that makes this open mic such an amazing place. I’m really going to miss being in the company of the authors and poets that frequent the Artel, both because of their wide-ranging talent and their welcoming attitude. There are a number of writers whose work has really resonated with me — among them Michael Casteels, Bob Mackenzie, and Austin LaFonde, just to name a few — and I’ll definitely be listening regularly to the recordings on “Finding a Voice” in order to keep up with their work.

And, of course, a heartfelt thank you to Poetry at the Artel’s organizer, Bruce Kauffman, for his ongoing support and the tireless work that he does for the Kingston writing community. I know you’ll shrug off any commendation of what you do, Bruce, but we say it because it’s true.


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