After procrastinating for several weeks, I’ve finally added a page concerning my work as an article writer with Knoji. See the heading above for more information.


2 thoughts on “Knoji

  1. So…is this something worth getting involved in? Do you see yourself continuing with it for some time? Is there an output quota?

    • I think it’s worth it if you plan on producing a lot of articles for it, or if you’re an expert in SEO. The three articles I’ve published so far are basically earning me nothing, and I think that’s at least partly because of my inexperience with SEO; the keyword generation we did for the IJC was a bit different. I plan on writing a few more and improving their SEO quality. How much revenue I receive after that will determine how much more I write.

      And no, there’s no output quota. In order to have the freedom to publish articles on the site at will, you need to have three consecutive articles approved by the website’s editors. After that, you’re basically golden.

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