Write Like the Wind

The other day my fiancée shared a short music video with me. The song in question, “Write Like the Wind,” is a comedic-style plea to George R.R. Martin to finish writing the final two novels in A Song of Ice and Fire. Here’s the link for anyone interested in checking it out:


Now, I’m not sure about the purpose of this video. It could simply be a humorous take on the length of time Martin has taken to complete his series, and the ongoing pressure from readers who are impatient for him to finish. On the other hand, this could be a serious plea to Martin to “write like the wind.” If it’s the former, then I can appreciate and enjoy this video; however, if it’s the latter, then it’s one more addition to a campaign against Martin that I think has become far too ridiculous.

Let me explain my thinking. There’s a lot of crap writing out there. It’s not all YA fiction about vampires and werewolves, either, though that does make up a large percentage. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to produce a lousy, harlequin-romance-level of writing and get it released in some format. Completing a great work of fiction, however, takes a lot of time and effort, which is something that mainstream society seems to have forgotten. As soon as people finish reading a novel, they immediately want the next one in the series, and they aren’t willing to wait. They want it right away, and they expect it to be as amazing as the novel they’ve just completed. I’m sorry, but these people need to wake up and realize that those two things are not possible simultaneously.

I think this is a fundamental problem with our society. People have no patience. Then when they get a rushed product, they complain that it isn’t up to their standards. As Kevin Kvas mentioned in a previous post on this site, many writers are feeling pressured to produce short stories in between their novels, just to satiate the masses and get them off their backs. And George R.R. Martin has received some significant grief from the masses. I watched Martin in an interview with George Stroumboulopoulos a while back and was shocked to learn about the kinds of letters he was receiving from his “fans,” and that he had to shut down forums on his website to stop people from fighting about his release dates. When I watched this interview, I could tell that Martin was upset by this and trying his best to hide it. And why wouldn’t he be? Here’s a great writer trying to tell a superb story, and instead of supporting him, his fans are making his job all the more difficult.

It’s unjust. Actually, it’s just sad. So my plea to the void is this: leave the poor man alone. Have some damn patience, and let Martin finish his masterpiece.


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