The Results Show

As promised, having completed my three days of writing via my self-created retreat, my accomplishments are as follows:

  • 2 short stories completed
  • 10 pages completed on an ongoing novella, plus copious notes on characters and the remainder of the plot
  • Draft of freelance writing profile completed
  • New writing job acquired (admittedly unrelated)
  • One article written and published via new job

I tend to lean more toward self-deprecation than self-promotion, but I think that’s pretty good for three days of work. Especially since I wasn’t writing nonstop for that time, being, as I’ve indicated above, only human. I think that this success is due primarily to the fact that my “writing retreat” was my own construction, built around my schedule and my understanding of how I write and how to focus my efforts. So, I have to agree even more firmly with the article I discussed last week, and encourage my fellow writers to try organizing a personal writing retreat at home. Hopefully you’ll find the experience as useful as I did.


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