That Not Forgotten Press Release

Last week, Hidden Brook Press issued a press release concerning That Not Forgotten, an anthology to be released later this year and featuring my short story “Bill of Sale.” For anyone who has yet to hear about the anthology, here’s the description from the publisher:

“That Not Forgotten is a poetry/short prose collection of work from authors with ties to an area along the north shores of Lake Ontario, from Kingston to Port Hope, north to Highway #7. The initial mission of the book was to “paint with an eclectic brush, reflections of, reactions to, hope within…pieces of ourselves found, pieces of ourselves lost here in this place.” It is a collage of voice from writers who either still or at some point shared this place, this soil.”

I’m really looking forward to this anthology, and not just because my work is appearing in it. The concept itself is intriguing, since I find that any notion of Canadian identity is dependent on small regions; the identity of people living on the coast of PEI is very different from people living in Rainy River, or from people living in a small community in the Yukon. Seeing the big ideas and subtle nuances that connect residents of the North Shore region is going to make That Not Forgotten a really special collection.

TNF also includes work by several of my friends and colleagues from the Creative Writing Program at Queen’s and the Kingston area generally, including Lauren Hearnden (who writes some of the most compelling speculative fiction I’ve ever read), Nicholas Papaxanthos, Kirsteen McCleod, Michael Casteels, and the anthology’s editor, Bruce Kauffman. In addition, work by my mentor, Carolyn Smart, will be appearing in TNF; the honor of this is difficult for me to describe in words. Overall, it’s exciting to appear alongside such excellent writers, and I encourage anyone with ties to the North Shore region (and anyone who doesn’t) to keep an eye out for this anthology.


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